Thursday, 28 May 2015

Real Estate Trend in India

It is said that land turns into gold if left for some time. Investment in land and housing never disappoints you. With the mounting economy of India, there has been an immense boon in the real estate sector. The trends in real estate vary in accordance with modification in the government policies as they are directly related to each other.

Here we have figured out the Latest Trends in the Indian Real Estate Market.

The trends that have brought changes in the Indian real estate market and have made it more profitable are:
FDI Policy:
Government of India has adopted a significant stand regarding FDI (Foreign Direct Investment), which has drawn a number of countries towards investment in the Indian Real Estate. India has been able to hold the position of second-most favored FDI destination by successfully displacing U.S.

Easy Banking:
Due to relaxation in the rates of bank loans, more people have started to invest in real estate. Also, formalities in the banking procedures have been reduced considerably resulting in ease for the buyers & investors.

Recovery and Profit
The construction of various residential properties, commercial premises, educational institutions, recreational facilities etc. has generated competition among real estate companies, resulting in cheap rates of properties. In India, buying a property for cheap and selling it at a higher rate always recovers your investment and provides you with a decent profit.

Live Property Valuation Index:
It is Property Valuation Index, which is being developed by NAR (National Association of Realtors). It is an index created on similar lines as the Stock Exchange Index, which will reflect the assessment of properties in various parts of the country. This index will serve as a guide to the real estate investors.

Global Interest:
With the rise in economy, more and more global investors are setting foot in Indian Real Estate. A London based company is making plans to host an event that will showcase various residential projects of India to the British investors. This will be a boon to the realty market.

The growth of real estate is directly proportional to the rise in the economy. Factors that lead to rise in Indian Economy are:
  • The entirely positive attitude of the Indian government has played an integral role in bringing about a sudden increase in the Real Estate Sector.
  • The interest of people in cities other than metro has also lead to rise in the real estate sector.
  • The booming mall culture has also added immensely to the rise of the economy and hence the real estate sector.
  • Rise in Income of the middle class.
  • Boom in IT and ITES sectors.
Because of these reasons, Indian real estate sector is experiencing golden and prosperous days, making it a favorite destination for real estate development and investment around the world. The coming years will see more expansion in this sector, providing maximum profits to the investors.