Sunday, 18 October 2015

Vastu Compliance for your Property

According to Vastu Shastra, a property which complies with Vastu, promises wealth, good health, contentment and prosperity. The designs of the construction should be in line with the tenets of Vastu Shastra, based on the alignment and direction of household objects. The tenets of Vastu Shastra are mainly concerned with construction and architecture. 
  • A plot on which a house is built must be rectangular or square in shape. Plots, which are irregularly shaped, not only look odd and have bad designs, but also they may leave bad influences on occupants.
  • Your property should have a well (tube well or other water source) to the North East before construction commences.
  • Ample space should be given towards the eastern & northern directions and lesser space must be kept towards the western & southern directions. The East is where the sun rises and empty spaces in the direction would make your rooms be naturally illuminated with sunlight.
  • Open spaces towards the North West and the South East must be equal.
  • Trees must not be planted on the north-eastern corner, as both the directions must be kept free.
  • More numbers of windows must be kept towards the North and East.
  • Avoid construction of doors along straight lines.
  • The plot’s western side should be more elevated compared to the eastern one while the southern half of the plot must be more raised compared to the northern side.
  • The North East side of the plot is where construction should be started. From thereon, construction should move to the East, North and finally West and South.
  • Building of pillars must be started from North East direction.
Unless you are constructing an independent villa or a house on a plot, following all these tenets may be difficult when you are picking out an apartment. There are quite a few tenets for apartments that must be followed for a prosperous family life. Avoid having a Puja room right beside the washroom or the main entrance. It should be in the East, North, North East, South East or the North West. The number of windows and doors in your apartment must be an even number. If you can match up to these Vastu tenets, then, you can expect a peaceful and happy lifestyle.


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