Sunday, 29 November 2015

Quick tips to make your entrance look different

The entryway is the first thing that any visitor notices. And often it gets neglected in terms of decoration. We mostly concentrate on the interiors of the house and forget that the entryway play a significant role in the home decor. It is one of the essential parts of a house as it projects the interiors of a house as well. Looking at your entryway, visitors might form a good or bad impression about the interior of your house.  But the question arises what to do in the entrance area? So here are a few pointers that can be helpful for you.

The entryway is the only way to enter the house, so it should have limited furniture to make it look uncluttered. If you have furniture like a shoe rack then it should be properly covered and organized.

If you have a small apartment and want to make it look bigger, place mirrors of different sizes. As mirrors brighten up the place and create an impression of elongated entryway making it look bigger. You can also place a runner rug vertically in front of the doorstep. It instantly uplifts the entrance.

In order to personalize space, hang some of your family pictures, or include some bright colours to highlight the section while creating a positive and lively ambiance. You can also place some paintings of your favourite artist or something painted by you, such that the place reflects your personality. If you like earthy stuff, then place some handcrafts in your entryway. You can also place some souvenirs of different places from your recent travel.

Light up the entryway with bright lights. Instead of placing lamps in the entryway, which might make the space look cluttered, use hanging lights or small chandeliers.

Moreover, put some life into your doorway by including some plants or flowers. Some flowers last for a week, keep them in vases, water them to keep them fresh. But make sure to regularly clean the entryway.


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