Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Things not to do while decorating your home

Everybody wants their home to be stylish and well-designed according to their choice and taste. Although hiring an interior decorator is the easiest method for doing home interior design, but this requires a good amount of budget to invest. If you can afford, then it's fine, but if you can’t then you can start with your own as you are the best judge for your home. Apart from the things that you like, you should also take care about those things that you should avoid while decorating home while decorating your home.

  • Decorate according to the home colour: Homeowners usually start buying the decorative things like furniture before finalizing the colour of the home. So the suggestion is to decide the colours for the home first, then accordingly buy the items of furniture and other things. If you are not sure about the colour of the furniture, then it is better to paint the home with neutral colours. Such that any colour furniture can easily go with the colour of the home.
  • A lot of things: If you have too many things or collectibles to show then place them carefully in your home interior design otherwise there will be too much clutter. And cluttered spaces create a suffocated environment for the residents as well as for the guests. You can try to change your home interior design after every few months or mix and match the colours of the collectibles and place them together, such that it does not look monotonous and boring. You can re-work on them again and again by just re-arranging.
  • Flashy colours: People often commit mistake while doing experiments for their home in terms of choosing colours. While selecting different and unique colour for their home they end up choosing dark and dull colours. In the same manner while choosing bright colours homeowners end up with shocking green or orange, which are strict no-no for home interiors.
  • Arrange pictures properly: If you have loads of pictures to share, display in a proper and creative way that looks classy. You can either hang the photo frames on the side of the staircase or arrange the photo frames of different sizes on a wall of your lobby.
  • Avoid cables: Electronic gadgets like television, home theatre, internet, laptops, chargers, set-top boxes are the must-haves for every home. Too much of wires can leave your home looking messy. So to avoid this, you can store them in a box while keeping out only the required length of the wire. Also, you can use tubes to hide the wire.


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