Thursday, 10 December 2015

A note on furnished apartments

Did you shift your base to a new city recently? And are you worried about shelling out extra money to arrange the furniture and furnishings for your new place? Don’t be; opt for a furnished apartment as it is best suited for all your requirements.
Furnished apartments have been dominating the real estate market trend for quite some time now. Furnished apartments are highly preferred by buyers as well as tenants. Based on the condition of the property, it can be priced. Such as if it is furnished properly with the availability of necessary appliances and furniture then it can be priced on a higher side.

These apartments are usually studio and service apartments, but nowadays larger residential units also come as fully furnished. Fully furnished apartments are mostly preferred by bachelors, working professionals who need low maintenance homes. Also, furnished apartments are very comfortable as it comprise of a functional kitchen, bathroom as well as living space with all furniture.

Those who need to constantly shift their base and stay for a short period of time in one place, furnished apartments are a boon for them.  Because moving to another place becomes easier and a lot of money is saved from buying new furniture and appliances.

In addition, moving to furnished apartment also saves time in terms you don’t have to devote your time and energy in unpacking the household things, arranging them, fix any defective appliance and much more. In this case, the landlord takes care of everything starting from repairing of appliances to arranging the furniture.

But as every coin has two different sides, so as furnished apartments also have some drawbacks too.

For instance, if you already have your own furniture and appliances, then moving to a furnished apartment will not be a good idea. As then you have to keep some of your things in storage. Usually, the rent of the furnished apartments comprises of the rent for the furniture and appliances also. So if you use your furniture, then also you have to pay the entire rent. And ultimately you will end up paying more rent without using all of the household things.

Secondly, if you make furniture on your own in an unfurnished apartment, it gives you a choice to design it in your own way and you can plan it as you want.

So the conclusion is, for short-term stay, furnished apartments should be preferred and for long-term stay, with your old furniture with you, unfurnished apartments can be preferred.


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